Computing and Coding for Kids with Kano

Kano is a complete system for learning and making with computing and code.

Prepare your child for the future with step-by-step challenges and playful, project-focused pedagogy.

Holistic Learning Experience

Kano is the versatile 
computer science education programme for kids of all ages.

Here are some of the stuff that your kids are expected to experience in our lessons:

  • Make your own computer
  • Create your own games
  • Learn basic programming logic
  • Create worlds in Minecraft

Logic & Sequence

Purpose built Kano apps teach the fundamentals of coding & logic through creativity

Learn to Code

An introduction to Python. A widely used, real-world programming language.

Create Stories

Simple drag and drop introduction to programming with stories, games & animations.

Create Your World

Transform learning with Minecraft

And much, much more!

Kano is a computer, and the learning possibilities are endless with user installable apps.